fredag 27. mars 2015

Sweden is one of the most Swedish countries

The Swedes have been longing for democracy for 400 years - maybe they will get it one day?

Every day after work thousands of sad Swedes gather in the forests outside Stockholm

Huge ships bring hundred of emigrants from Sweden to Finland, Estonia and Poland

All Swedish houses look scary at night

Another ship heading to Stockolm to pick up Swedish emigrants going to democratic countries as Finland and Poland

Most Swedes believes in pagan gods. All churches are empty.

Poor Stockholmians have to live in the dirty and unhealty Söder where at least 11 are killed every night
Swedes don't stop celebrating christman before summer

The secret police (Säpo) is controlling the population in Stockholm from their control tower

The secret police will always see you 

68 000 pepole work at the headquarter of the secret police (Säpo)

Most people in Stockholm are very poor and live under bad conditions in narrow streets while they dream about democracy

The upper class dine at fine restaurants every nights

Senior citizens are not allowed to go outdoors at night unless they use a torch

There are very few people in the streets at night as the curfew starts at 9 pm

ABBA managed to make Swedish women amongst the most beautiful in the world

The dictator King lives in av big castle, while the "Parliament" has to stay in the very small building to the right

Dissidents are thrown into the sea and killed by the King's swans

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